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Laserlite Inc. provides a variety of services for both ink and laser printers.
Our technicians specialize on Hewlett Packard, Brother, and Lexmark models.

Printer Cleaning Includes cleaning the frame, trays, and some internal parts. Includes coating pick up rollers to help them last longer.

Annual Printer Maintenance Checks – Our technicians test, clean, and replace worn-out pick up rollers and separation pads. Will replace fuser and transfer belt if needed.

Feed Roller (pick up roller) Replacements – These are the rollers that pick up papers and feed them into the printer. When the coating wears out, they cause paper jams and need to be replaced.

Separation Pad Replacements – This is a stationary pad that uses friction to push back on the stack of papers to allow one sheet to feed into the printer at a time. When the separation pad wears down, the printer can snag more than one sheet of paper at a time.

Free Diagnostic Services – Our technicians examine your printer to diagnose the problem(s) and cost of repair before you invest money into the actual repair.

Repair Services – Our technicians will install new parts when they are available through our suppliers: fans, solenoids, motors, printheads, transfer rollers, scanner assemblies, network cards, low voltage and high voltage power supplies, etc.

Fuser Replacements – Found on laser printers. The fuser unit uses heat and pressure to fuse powdered toner onto every sheet of paper that feeds through the printer.

Transfer Belt Replacements – Found on laser printers. This wide belt moves paper through the printer and passes it across a drum so toner can be transferred onto the pages. When the transfer belt wears out, intermittent colored lines appear that extend from the top and bottom edges of printed pages.

Drum Replacements – Found on laser printers. The drum unit – a photosensitive roller – transfers powdered toner via charged particles onto every sheet of paper fed through the printer. When the drum wears out, repeated lines or smears will appear across every printed page.

Ink Absorber Replacements – Found on inkjet printers. These are small, spongy pads that absorb excess ink that accumulates while printing and cleaning the printheads. When they are completely filled with ink, they need to be replaced.

Laserlite Inc. offers a wide selection of compatible and OEM toner and inkjet imaging supplies at competitive prices. We create personalized EasyOrder forms for every customer to use, helping to eliminate the challenge of sorting through thousands of ink and toner cartridge choices.
Let us make the process of purchasing imaging supplies a fast and easy experience for you.
Give us a call at (509) 765-5495!