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05Did you know….

Proper use and handling of your inkjet cartridges will prolong their life. Following the tips below will keep your cartridges working longer and improve the quality and quantity of your prints.

  1. Store new print cartridges in their original packages. Keep them at room temperature until you’re ready to use them.
  2. After opening a new ink cartridge, insert it in the print cradle inside the printer and keep it there to prevent drying out and clogging.
  3. Don’t unplug a printer until it has returned to its home position after finishing a job. Use the power button if necessary to turn off the printer. This helps prevent drying out and clogging the cartridges.
  4. Keep your printer out of dusty environments where floating particles such as pet hair, cloth fibers, saw dust, and so forth can accumulate inside your printer and cause ink streaks. Streaking often indicates a need to clean the print cradle, and requires replacing ink cartridges before they’ve expired.
  5. If you rarely use your printer, print a test page once a week. This will prevent the ink cartridges from drying out due to nonuse. For color printers, make sure you print a page in color.
  6. Print in draft mode to save ink, except for those projects requiring a better quality print.