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“I need a new cartridge for my printer; it’s out of toner.”

“Sure! What kind of printer do you have?”
“It’s an HP.”
“Do you know the model number?”
“Yes, I just told you—it’s an HP.”
*Inaudible groan on the other end of the phone.*

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been party to this same conversation, but if I had a quarter for every one….

Companies like Hewlett Packard (HP), Brother, Sony, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Okidata, etc. manufacture hundreds of different printers, all with distinctly different model numbers. These model numbers are necessary for identifying specific printers and correctly pairing them with ink and toner cartridges. It is important to know your printer’s model number because…

Not every HP printer takes the same cartridge.
Not every Brother printer takes the same cartridge.
Not ever Lexmark printer takes the same cartridge.
Not every (Fill in a brand name here) printer takes the same cartridge.
I think you get the picture.

So, how do you go about finding the model number on your printer?

Great question!

First, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Your model number is a unique numeric and/or alphanumeric code. The same printer may have more than one model with varying features; therefore, different model numbers are necessary. Following are examples of make and model numbers that may look similar to the one on your printer:

HP Photosmart C4200 All-in-One                       Sharp AR-M275N

Brother MFC-295CN                                                 Dell Color Laser 2155cdn

Lexmark 658dfe MFP                                               Canon imageRUNNER 2030i

The model number will be located directly on the printer.  Typically it is easy to find. Here are the most common locations manufacturers place them:

  1. On the control panel under the display
  2. Near or just inside the cartridge door
  3. The upper right-hand or left-hand corner on top of the printer
  4. The lower right-hand or left-hand corner on top of the printer
  5. Left, right, or center facing the front cover

Now that you know… sure to include the make and model number of your printer when it’s time to order a new cartridge.

Watch this short video for finding model numbers, product numbers, and serial numbers on HP printers.