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Welcome to the the Laserliteplus blog where you will find relevant articles meant to increase your know-how when it comes to using printers.  This helpful information is meant to make your experience with printer technology easier and more pleasant.  Read about things like How to Extend the Life of Ink Cartridges, Tips for Maintaining Your Printer, What to Consider Before Purchasing a NEW Printer, Easy Troubleshooting for Smudged, Spotted, or Streaked Pages, and lots more!

  1. Resolving a 10.00.90 or 10.00.91 Error Message on HP Color LaserJet and MFP Flow Printers
  2. Labels and Laser Printers—Just Don’t
  3. Fix issues with the 934xl/935xl, 950xl/951xl, or 970xl/951xl inkjet cartridges due to Firmware Update
  4. Find Your Printer Model Number
  5. The Importance of Using the Entire Model Number
  6. Clearing Up Veritcal Lines on Copies
  7. Does it Matter What Paper I Print On?
  8. How Your Printer Knows it is Low on Toner
  9. Calibrate to Improve Printer Quality
  10. My Printer Won’t Print
  11. What to do for Paper Jams
  12. HP 10.00.00 Error
  13. HP 50.0 Service Error
  14. Updating Printer Firmware
  15. 8 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Printer
  16. Extending the Life of Ink Cartridges
  17. How Laser Printers Work
  18. Avoid Paper Jams by PROPERLY Loading Your Paper Tray
  19. Modify the HP CP4025dn to take High Yield Black Toner
  20. How to Correct an HP Firmware Update that Blocks Non-HP Ink Cartridges
  21. Printer Updates Prevent Ink Cartridges from Working
  22. No Chips Available for the Compatible HP CF258 or CF289 Toners