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Every so often, HP releases a wireless firmware update for printers that interrupts the use of compatible ink cartridges. When you allow your printer to automatically update to the latest firmware version, you take a chance that it may prompt a cartridge problem message on your printer’s display and prevent you from using the current version of compatible cartridges. What this means is, print jobs come to a screeching halt until you can purchase compatible cartridges with updated chips that work with the new firmware.

How can you keep this inconvenience from happening? The answer is simple, really. Just turn off the automatic printer updates on your printer.

The information below will help you disable the automatic updates on your printer so you can print without interruption and continue using your compatible ink cartridges.

The following video demonstrates how to disable printer firmware updates:

Step 1: On your printer control panel, select the setup icon.

Step 2: Select “Printer Maintenance”

Step 3: Select “Update the Printer”

Step 4: Touch “Printer Update Options”

Step 5: Select “Do Not Check” 

Step 6: Select “No” to turn off Printer Updates