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“Help! My HP printer keeps giving me a 10.10.00 supply memory error!”

Stop right there! Nothing is wrong with your printer. The 10.10.00 error is a chip error.

“What’s a chip?” you ask. It’s a tiny, rectangular smart chip embedded with integrated circuitry (usually green in color)Chips inserted on the outside of the printer cartridge. This chip is programmed to provide warnings when issues arise and to stop printing when toner or ink levels are low. Unfortunately, this means if the chip is missing or if it is damaged or if an old, used chip wasn’t replaced on a refurbished cartridge, your printer will give you a 10.10.00 error.*  On color printers, the error code will differ on the final number to let you know exactly which cartridge has issues.  See as follows:

  • 10.10.00 – Black cartridge
  • 10.10.01 – Cyan cartridge
  • 10.10.02 – Magenta cartidge
  • 10.10.03 – Yellow cartridge

What to do?  Simply replace the toner cartridge. Then, return the one with the malfunctioning chip to the store from which it was purchased. But don’t punish your printer; it’s just doing its job.

*If the error code doesn’t disappear after replacing the printer cartridge, there is a possibility the chip isn’t visible to the memory-chip contact assembly inside your printer.  In that case, the contact assembly may need to be replaced.