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“Very Knowledgeable.”
– Jerry L.
“Very Helpful–resolved my issue immediately. I’m not good with anything technical (re: computers.) Thank you for being there!”
– Mechanic M.
“You guys are wonderful! Thank you very much!”
– Susan
“I have ordered my ink cartridges from Laserlite for years and have never had any difficulty with them or their product. They have gone out of their way to be helpful, which I appreciate. Thank you for being there.”
– Arlene S.
“Thanks! It was so much easier ordering online with you! : )”
– Rita
“Hello Laserlite team! I have appreciated all you have done for me these past years supplying our printer cartridges. You always went the extra mile finding what I needed with minimal info from me. Thanks for serving us and our printer cartridge needs!”
– Karin B.
“Great service, wonderful people. Outta this world pricing!! Leaves the others in the dust!!”
– Kimberly
“Your wonderful tech came to our school and picked up a broken copier. He fixed it! We appreciate your professionalism and your business.”
– Maxine M.