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Be sure to turn OFF  “Automatic Firmware Updates” on your printer.

As more firmware updates are designed by printer companies to block the use of compatible ink cartridges, it is important to turn off any automatic updates. Some of the newer printers are being distributed with the AUTOMATIC FIRMWARE UPDATE set to ON.

This means, if you do not change the setting, the printer will update its firmware without your knowledge, potentially making any compatible ink cartridges you are using stop working. Turn off Automatic Firmware Updates to avoid this problem. This can be found on the printer control panel under setup/ printer maintenance/ printer update options/ do not check/ no. See steps HERE.

Register for a New EasyOrder Form

Ordering toner and ink cartridges can’t get any easier than doing it online with a customized order form created specifically to include the printers in your home, school, or office. Our EasyOrder forms compare OEM and compatible prices so… [read more]

Updating Printer Firmware

Firmware and Drivers are both types of software. Firmware is software that runs on a device.
Drivers are software that tell your operating system how to communicate with a device. Essentially, firmware allows the hardware to… [read more]

Common HP Error Codes

“My printer stopped working and is showing an error code. What does it mean? What am I supposed to do now?”

Printer error codes are messages or number combinations displayed on the LED display of your printer. They are informational tools meant to point out what is not functioning properly. Here is a list of common error codes for HP printers, including… [read more]

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Disable the “Cartridge Policy” Feature

You may need to do this to use compatible CF258X toner cartridges. If your printer is not accepting compatible toner cartridges, disable the “Cartridge Policy” feature by following these instructions… [read more]

Clearing Up Vertical Lines on Copies

If your copies, faxes, or scans are producing white or black vertical lines on the printed page, the problem is often something as small as a bit of dirt or correction fluid on the glass or ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).  Here is a simple solution that works 95% of the time to clear up those lines… [read more]

Do you like saving about 50% in printing costs by using compatible toner cartridges?

Yeah, most people do.

That is why they purchase non-brand cartridges.

Printer companies, however, lose out on big bucks when customers don’t buy their expensive OEM toners. That’s why many printer companies send out periodic firmware updates that block the function of non-OEM chips on your compatible toners. What happens next? The compatible toners you purchased stop working. Yes, it is meant to frustrate consumers enough to make them buy expensive OEM toners.


There is an easy peasy fix to this problem. Simply turn off automatic updates on your printer, and those pesky firmware updates that mess with the use of affordable inks and toners become a non-issue! Go into your printer’s menu under printer maintenance/printer update options to easily turn off automatic firmware updates.

Visit our blog page for easy-to-follow instructions on how to do this. Call us at (509) 765-5495 with any questions. We are happy to help.